Never miss a phone call 



No need to regularly check your phone anymore, TM-Alert vibrates and/or lights up in various colors letting you know when you receive a phone call or notification.

Long battery life

Up to one month with one charge

Decorative line
Customisable colors and vibrations

Choose notifications that suit you

Decorative line
Bluetooth connection

For Android & Iphone

Decorative line
Assistance tool

For deaf and hard-of-hearing

Decorative line
Alarm clock

Wake up by vibration

Skin friendly and splash proof

Do not worry about the rain

Removable module

Use it as a bracelet or necklace

Long range

Up to 20 meters

TM-Alert Video

This video shows some of the main features of our product.


Our development process started over 4 years ago with a simple vision, to ensure that our products would allow the users to have more time enjoying life, as well as increasing the quality of life for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We want our customers to be present while still staying connected - at a distance. With TM-Alert, we made this vision come true.

Perfect, neat and easy. I don't have to worry about missing calls despite not carrying my phone in my hand at all times.....

My job requires me to stay connected through social media and understanding what is going on in my specific market. Being deaf means that I can miss certain important notifications. TM-Alert has completely eliminated that problem for me. Thank you TM-Alert!

I always have troubles waking up in the morning, despite setting my alarm up several times. With TM-Alerts vibrating function, simply putting this little device under the pillow during the night, it actually allows me to wake up much easier due to the vibrating function!

Normally I have my phone set at a very high ring tone due to my hearing impairment. With TM-Alert, and with the discreet wrist band addition, it allows me to feel my phone even if I don't have it in my pocket. I haven't missed a call since!

Sometimes I simply don't want to have my phone in my hand. I carry my TM-Alert either as a necklace or on my wrist as a watch, and when it lights up and vibrates because I receive a certain notification or a text message it is so much better, because I no longer have to constantly look at my smartphone... I only look when I need to!

Michael, 55 y/o
Maria, 33 y/o
Marketing Manager (deaf)
Lee, 26 y/o
Customer Service
Thomas, 65 y/o
Elisabeth, 40 y/o
Operations Manager

Stay in the moment

Where ever or when ever - Never miss out on the notifications that are important to you